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Barton Beauty

About Barton Beauty

Hi I’m Vicky, I qualified as a Beauty Therapist back in 2001 and now have over 20 years of in salon experience. After working in a fantastic local salon I decided to make a brave step of going solo and found a lovely little room within Barton Hair Studio. I have been working self employed at Barton since 2006. In the time I have been in my room I have got married and had my 2 beautiful children. I now work part time balancing motherhood and running my own small business. My regular clients enjoy coming to see me because they feel comfortable knowing I am a nice, normal and down to earth person. I love to have a chat about everyday life, set the world straight and have giggle with clients whilst making them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
I look forward to meeting new people and welcoming you to my little room.